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Display & Nominated Awards

Display Awards

All exhibitors are automatically included in the six Display Award Categories, which are judged by independent judges on Wednesday of event.

Be sure to nominate your category on your Application.

The display award categories are:
1. Heavy Industrial Display Award
2. Light Industrial Display Award
3. Family Interest Display Award
4. Merino Stud Display
5. Non-Merino Stud Display
6. Off-road, Outdoor and Camping Display Award

For more information on the Display Awards

contact coordinator Andrew Stewart on 0427 712 042.

Nominated Awards

To be considered for the following awards, exhibitors must fill out PART E of the exhibitor prospectus.

1- New Release Award
The entry must have been released onto the commercial market since the previous Newdegate Machinery Field Days. Entries close August 23rd 2019.

2- New Innovation Award
Recognises the technical changes to existing machinery that has revlutionised its use. This award is also open to new individual innovations. Entries close August 23rd 2019.

3- Farm Inventor Award
Any invention or modification to existing machinery. Entries close September 4th 2019.

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